7th tradition

Cph12 is honouring the 7th tradition – that we should be self-supporting.

To Pass It On
One of the things that characterize the Cph12 conventions is that there are no admissions. This is possible, because the participants of the previous convention and those who have joined our speaker events have donated an amount which ensures that we can invite everybody to join the convention for free. We find, that this spiritual gesture secures that the AA-message, the programme of recovery, is accessible for everyone regardless of financial status. Therefore we kindly ask you as participant to join us in passing it on to the next alcoholic, who might want to join next year’s convention.

How much does a convention cost?
Cph12 is like all other AA groups self-supporting – we do not accept contributions from anyone outside of AA. The only difference between Cph12 and a traditional AA group is that our budget is slightly larger. We are paying the flight tickets for the speakers we have invited from abroad. The price of these range between 4-8000 Dkr per person depending on where they come from. Some conventions have only had one speaker, at other times we have had four.
The rent is usually between 15-20.000 Dkr. depending on where we are and how many days. The last few years we have done it for 5.000, but at times it has also been 25.000 Dkr. We also do a great deal of PR, and here the main expenditure is our flyers.
Sometimes our speakers have stayed at a hotel, but we always try to arrange private accommodation to minimize the amount spend on this.
So, the normal price for a convention is 25-35.000 Dkr. Everybody is welcome to contact us and see our accounts.

During the last conventions we have made some changes concerning our sale of coffee. Instead of a standard price, we put up baskets so that 7th tradition would pay for this, too – Give what you can.
We had some reasons for doing this, and one was quite simple: It made it more SIMPLE. Another reason was that we thought it should be free to participate in the convention if you didn’t have any money – and a cup of coffee or tea is mandatory for a nice AA meeting. This basket has been used a lot, and we feel that people like this way of doing it. It has not yet been a problem to raise the money for the following convention.
Cph12 has never collected money on a scale that would amount to the term ‘perilous wealth’ as mentioned in the General Service Manual. We use approximately all our money on the convention, where we collect money for the next one.

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